Biotin Side Effects

Healthyu family preparing the evening meal togetherIf you are losing your hair and want to stop it happening as fast as possible then you have probably been researching the topic and have been recommended Biotin. Although you are keen to get started on your treatment to prevent further hair loss, you want to make sure you understand the Biotin side effects. That's a wise decision and I will explain why...

Many chemicals that might be recommended to you may help treat the problem but may also have side effects that you didn't expect. This is more common in some supplements than others. However, with Biotin you are safe.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is a vitamin of the B complex group; B7. It used to be called vitamin H (for hair). It is produced naturally in your body during the process of digestion and some people produce more than others. It can be found in some cheese, egg yolk, liver and vegetables. Egg whites actually counter the benefits of egg yolk so it can be argued that eggs are not beneficial. If you are deficient in Biotin, you could lose hair and your nails may not grow properly either.

Biotin is required by the body to produce cells, fatty acids and for meabolism of fats. It therefore has an important role to play in your health and is recommended for strengthening hair and nails.

It is often promoted in hair products but is not effective if applied to the skin or scalp. Biotin must be ingested to be effective. Essentially what this means is that biotin works from the inside to help develop strong and fast growing hair.

Pregnant women often suffer from Biotin deficiency. That's why many lose hair some time after the baby is born (see more in our article titled hair loss after pregnancy).

What are the Side Effects of Biotin

There are no known side effects.
Studies have found no side effects or adverse reactions even with very high doses over long periods of time. It would appear that Biotin is therefore very safe to take.

Where Can I Source Good Quality Biotin Supplements?

I researched the internet for more than 2 weeks to find the most popular brands of Biotin. What I was looking for were products that people use and rated very highly and that were not expensive. Below are two products that I found customers were rating very highly.

  • Vitabase
  • Natures Bounty
  • Vitabase is a well regarded brand and has significant customer support. Sold through and has excellent customer reviews.
  •  Vitabase is a very popular choice for vitamins   Natures High Potency Supplement
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Click the "view web site" links in the table above to see what customers are saying about these products.

Biotin is one of the best vitamins to use for hair loss. I had lost a lot of hair when I started using 5000 mcg biotin and my hair has grown back and then some. In fact my hairdresser asked me to stop using it because I have now have too much hair. I love this product!
(Cheri - On Vitabase Web Site)

Imagine how much of a relief you will feel when your hair stops falling out and your nails and hair begin growing stronger than ever?

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